Recent Successful Deliveries

Coming Soon to Modern Warships!

Modern Warships has recently purchased an exclusive use license for another original Pan Spatial vehicle. It is currently under development for game use and will be available soon.

Coming Soon to Salty Games!

Pan Spatial recently completed a project with Salty Games on a small aerial vehicle to be included in their upcoming release. It was fun to design and it will be even more fun to fly! (Made even more exciting by the close proximity to the ground).

Killswitch available in Modern Warships September 2022

Modern Warships is the most graphics-intensive warship game on the market. Available to play on multiple platforms. 60,000,000 downloads to date and 600,000 daily active users. Artstorm/Modern Warships purchased an exclusive use license for use of Killswitch in a video game.

VARDA Space Industries promotional support 2022-2023

VARDA is engineering game-changing products that defy gravity’s constraints on Earth. VARDA is revolutionizing zero gravity production. Economical re-entry capsules return safely to Earth, and also facilitates hypersonic system research. With technical information provided by the client, I created non-proprietary and proprietary models and illustrations for inclusion in 'photos', diagrams and animations for internal and external communication.

'Grimm Reapers' Interview September 2022

The "Grimm Reapers" is one of the most popular and highly regarded Digital Combat Simulation (DCS) groups on earth. It was a pleasure to answer their questions and get to know them better during this recorded online interview.

KIJK Magazine cover and interior 2-page full color spread January 2022

KIJK is the most popular science and technology magazine in the Netherlands (similar to US Popular Mechanics) with many companion publications available online and on newsstands. The publisher paid for custom illustrated elements for the cover, and an interior spread, which were included in an article about potential new combat aircraft capabilities. it was a good match for the Killswitch design because they really wanted to focus on the imaginative, vs predictive qualities.

Available for Further Development

The design briefs below are for vehicles that are already well researched, with well defined trade-offs for potential inclusion in an emerging project. 

Near Future Runway Space Launch Platform

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to research commercially available technologies that would enable launching small reusable spaceplanes/lifting bodies from conventional airports and infrastructure. From that experience, I have created a platform that could be optimized for realism or science fiction. Previous models were built as an example, so I understand the tradespace very well and I'm eager to take it to the next level. Utility: The design would be useful for explaining new space-launch enabling materials, systems or technology, in the context of an aerial vehicle that is realistic, exciting, and not already in use or proprietary.

Science Fiction / Fantasy Orbital Interceptor

'Oblivion' technology context. Earth based spacecraft for intercepting small threats in and around earth orbit. Unique propulsion configuration for VTOL operations, unique macro variable geometry for loading armaments and crews. Realistic heat shielding. Unique crew escape system.

Science Fiction / Fantasy Multirole Spacecraft

'Star Wars' technology context - but with realistic maneuvering systems. Small single-person spacecraft with physical configuration for obvious, rapid or sensitive multi-axis maneuvering. Modular macro end 'pods' that can be fitted with either laser cannon systems or something else like grappling hooks for capturing spacecraft, space junk, or small asteroids. Unique geometry for compact takeoff and landing on ground, but very unrealistic appraoch to atmospheric reentry and heat shielding.

Killswitch II, III and IV

Near future science fiction combat aircraft. When I created Killswitch in 2020, I explored many different configuration options - which I have continued to explore and experiment with. My goal is not to predict or attempt to preempt actual emerging fighter aircraft technology; which is why I don't get too specific about things like low-observable materials, electronic protection systems, etc. However, I think it is more accessible and interesting to experiment with aspects like variable geometry to achieve the visual and emotive requirements of games and movies. At this point, There seem to be enough options that one could design several uniquely equipped and capable concept aircraft around, to provide a truly dissimilar but competitive experience for multiple players.